• 25
  • As of October 2017, Urumqi Intellectual Property Office in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region had brought 25 cases of patent passing-off.[Particular]

  • 45,000
  • As of now, Shaanxi is in possession of 45,000 trademarks for agricultural products and 89 GI trademarks, ranking 12th in the nation.[Particular]

  • 82,082
  • Zhejiang authorities consulted on 82,082 cases regarding establishment of patent infringement occurred in e-commerce.[Particular]

  • BMW’s ChargeNow Trademark Rejec
  • Holding the ChargeNow and its power-plug-shaped figure trademark lack of distinctiveness, Beijing High People's Court rejected the appeal from BMW in its final ruling recently.[Particular]

  • China online shopping: Dishonest
  • China has created a new law to impose heavy fines on internet shopping websites which publish false advertisements about their products.[Particular]

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