• 781,000
  • Courts nationwide received 813,000 cases concerning intellectual property from 2013 to 2017 and concluded 781,000.[Particular]

  • 168,900
  • The total number of trademark review cases decided by TRAB reached 168,900.[Particular]

  • 240
  • Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO has acquired more than 20 patent portfolios from audio giant Dolby.[Particular]

  • Lixian Rhubarb
  • Lixian rhubarb is one of the best-known varieties of rhubarb and a highly celebrated Chinese herbal medicine. Lixian rhubarb is cold in nature, bitter to taste, with pharmacological properties to alleviate diarrhea, reduce inner heat and improve the digestive tract.[Particular]

  • Baidu's self-drive buses enter '
  • Baidu made the announcement after building its 100th Apolong vehicle at its factory in the country's south-eastern Fujian province.[Particular]

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