Jinhua Ham

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  Jinhua Ham produced in Jinhua city of Zhejiang Province, with an appealing appearance, thin and golden yellow skin, bright red meat and captivating flavor, is well-known for its four superlatives in "color, aroma, taste and appearance". In his poem, Zhang Dai of the Ming dynasty spoke highly of the colors of Jinhua Ham: the lean part looks life coral while the fat is as greasy as amber.


  Jinhua is located in the hilly basin of central Zhejiang Province. The unique landform of Jinhua is surrounded by mountains and rivers on three sides. In addition, the spring and autumn are short, the summer is long and hot, the four seasons are distinct, and the dry and wet alternation provide unique conditions for the production of Jinhua Ham. Jinhua Ham is made from the hind legs of Jinhua "Liangtouwu". The unique curing and processing methods formed by the folk for thousands of years constitute the typical regional characteristics of Jinhua Ham.


  As a time-honored brand carrying peoples deep feelings and aspirations, Jinhua Ham presents the city Jinhua to the entire nation even the whole world with its special aroma, unique color, flavorful and dazzling culinary art. It is the citys "golden business card".(Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)


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