Jun Porcelain

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  During the reign of Emperor Huizong in the Song dynasty, an imperial kiln, called the "jun kiln," was built near Juntai of Yuzhou, which had been the location of the Xia dynasty capital established by King Qi. The kiln transformation that takes place with Jun ware is quite an astounding natural phenomenon. The glaze, patterns, and images on all other types of ceramics are determined by the human element before firing, while the glaze and look of finished Jun ware, on the other hand, is at the mercy of nature.


  The colors are indeed brilliant, unusual, rich, and diversified, and they can resemble jungles, fields, the blue sky, and jade. Another saying goes, "The red is precious, the purple is the finest, and even beautiful verdant green is no match for the azure and pale blue of Jun ware." Considering that each person gains different insight and inspiration due to the subjectivity of individual visual perception, Jun ware is full of intrigue when looked at from different angles by different people.


  Jun porcelain possesses a singular folk art style and unique artistic features. Its physical shape is dignified and elegant, the clay is solid and strong even before being fired, the craftsmanship is stringently precise, and its outline is lively. Each piece has gone through an ordered process of over 70 steps, and with the uncontrollable effects of kiln transformation, Jun porcelain certainly deserves to be called a gift of the heavens. Through the geographical indication products protection, the national standards for Jun porcelain as a geographical indication product are the first of the kind in China. With their publication, the production and inspection process is now comprehensively standardized, strongly pushing the fast, healthy development of the industry. In this way, set standards and legalization allow for the proper management and protection of Jun porcelain.(Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)


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