Yangzhou Lacquerware

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  Yangzhou has rich historical and cultural heritage. The industrious and intelligent people of Yangzhou created the widely known treasure of art - Yangzhou Lacquerware.


  Yangzhou Lacquerware originated in the Warring States Period, came in different types in the Western Han Dynasty and reached its prime in both techniques and production during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and was known to the world.


  Yangzhou Lacquerware has nearly 2400 years of history. After constant improvement, Yangzhou Lacquerwares boast ten major techniques including carving, bone and gem inlay, mother-of-pearl inlay, color painting, jade inlay and so on, a full range of forms and types, refined craftsmanship, and unique style, thus enjoying popularity, high reputation and dominance in market.


  Moreover, Yangzhou Lacquerware is a gem in Chinese traditional culture and art, and has influence on the development of Lacquerware production in Japan and other countries and regions of Southeast Asia. Since it received geographical indication protection, the production of Yangzhou Lacquerware has been inherited and developed, which provides a guarantee for the authenticity, integrity and quality improvement of the products.(Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)


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